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Legal cannabis: Keeping you safe and well-served in our community

Sociopolitical Issues

Legalization of cannabis is upon us here in the city of Fort Saskatchewan. It marks a big

FCM Board/Committee Meetings: In a nutshell

Sociopolitical Issues

FCM’s Board of Directors met this September 12-14 in Annapolis County, Nova Scotia.

FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities) is the national voice of local government, with n...

Fallen Firefighter National Memorial Day

Sociopolitical Issues

Today, September 9th, 2018, is Fallen Firefighters Memorial Day. On this day, we REMEMBER firefighters who have been killed in the line of duty and the families who bear the consequences. We recognize the dangers firefighters often face when carrying out their duties, and the ultimate...

Casilda Beauty Supplies


Casilda beauty supplies, a hair salon and beauty product supplier, owned by the vivacious Ann-Marie, opened its doors to business in December 2014. Due to her passions for beautiful hair and having seen the need in the Fort, she started the business and has been successful with a good ...

Little Feet Big Steps Daycare


October 2017, I had just pulled my kids from a day home which they attended temporarily. The initial plan was to go back to the daycare they had been in the previous year, which I believe they loved. However, just a few blocks from my house, I noticed this new daycare,...

Is A New DCC Pool Warranted

Sociopolitical Issues

Do you think a DCC pool is warranted? Is it worth the tax impact? What other rec projects need to be addressed in the city?

Editor of the Fort Record, Lindsay Morey got all candidates to write a newspaper article in 250 words on 4 major topics. Here's what I said regarding the pool:<...